primary image Eglutė was 17 when we heard the cruel name of the disease - a malignant brain tumor. Life turned upside down in one day. We did not return home from Kaunas Clinical Hospital, as an urgent operation was being planned. What followed was aggressive treatment with chemotherapy and radiation therapy, which pretty much exhausted the young body. At the same time, immunotherapy with dendritic cells, and additional treatment with non-traditional medicine was applied, as a result of which remission was achieved.

A recent MRI scan reveals signs of the disease, a gamma knife surgery was performed, and the treatment is ongoing. Currently, a further method of treatment that would stop the progression of the disease is urgently being decided. The doctors of Kaunas Clinics recommend taking an effective drug that is not covered financially by the state. We need to take this drug between 1 and 2 years, depending on the results. A genetic examination is also recommended, and based on its results it would be possible to adapt the treatment regimen, and it would give an answer to the application of progressive targeted therapy, which is also not reimbursed by the state. The estimated amount for research and planned treatment is over 70000 Euros.

Every day is important to us, now we have the opportunity to use an effective and safer treatment method so that Eglutė could live without pain, anesthesia, surgeries, heavy chemical treatment, and its consequences. To this day, Eglutė has health problems and she has to take many herbal supplements to sustain her depleted body.

Eglutė has many dreams, she is a real fighter! Every day is a gift from God and we are happy when it passes without any pain. It is time to take up arms for a new fight and not give in to despair. We really need your help to raise the necessary amount of money to get started in November.

Pray for Eglutė's health, may God protect you and bless you!

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